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I love that with Catablog's ranking system, I can see how well I'm doing at meeting my audience's needs. If my readers are engaged and interested in what I'm saying, that will be reflected in my rating. What a great site, both for bloggers and brands who are looking for bloggers to connect with. I highly recommend it for both!

Blogger - Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking

Catablog has a been a great reference tool for my creative work for News Corp Australia. It's a great way to search for blogging talent, based on their social profiles. We're always looking for relevant and influential voices that our audience and commercial partners will connect with.

News Corp Australia

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Brands & PR Agencies.

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Bloggers & Influencers.

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Social Reach.

The Catablog directory includes 2,796 Blogs, reaching 12,212,723 Twitter followers, 51,623,555 Facebook likes, 3,378,806 "talking about this" on Facebook and 33,120,579 Instagram followers.









It all starts with a Search.

Find Influencers in just seconds on specific topic, location, work availability or just find bloggers with the biggest audience reach.

Connection. Simplified.

We connect Influencers to Brands, Advertisers and PR Agencies as well as connecting like-minded Bloggers.

Catablog Rank.

Discover Blogs ranked in order of their combined audience and social engagement or their reach on the social platform of your choosing or UA.

Search Brands.

Influencers can quickly find Brands that might be a good fit for their blog and pitch ideas directly to them forging new business relationships.

Catablog Noticeboard.

Brands and Influencers can connect in seconds by posting messages on the Noticeboard.

Export Data.

Export all the data in Catablog to keep the information at your fingertips in a CSV file. It will be handy for that next meeting or if you're tweeting from an event.

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